Aastrological thoughts :

Saturn will enter Sagittarius on December 25th of this year 2014, an initiation for openings in the consciousness within the collective. Personal truths can be established in contrast to the current establishment. Unity of those who want change can come to the forefront while others will be trying to hold on to their power. Public servants in many sectors becoming aware of having to begin to make personal choices in regards to knowing what is morally correct for the people vs. following the established rules and laws being set in place for them to follow in the work sector. Imagine the psychological effects of having to choose between providing for the family vs. performing jobs based upon the conflicting rules of the establishment? With Saturn taking a square to Lillith in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, people could be coming together for the welfare of humanity while taking on many issues pertaining to the truth of matters and doing what is morally right rather than what has been put before them. The feminine continues to emerge as positive change begins. Peace and unity become the new norm through love and positive vibes. Protect the truth.

Uranus will begin the transit through Taurus in the beginning of March 2019 while Saturn loosely hangs out with Pluto in Capricorn.

Only five years away, this could probably be a time where we will all be trying to establish new ways of adapting our personal environment in accordance to the changes being brought upon us from the outer establishments in regards to how the changes in the internet laws and regulations will begin to affect us. There will be more choices put upon us to make in regards to our safety and how we will be able to conduct relationships across the wires. The whole inner world of our internet choices and uses will be changing and the almighty dollar will play a part in this. We will be coming more aware of how the internet operates and who will actually be doing the operating. We could be re-vamping and re-working to stay current with the rapid changes put upon us. It could also be censorship by those in political power, similar to what occurred with organized religion. The internet re-designed and controlled for what those in power want all to see, omitting and suppressing info they do not want to be exposed. Control again by those in authority with the most money, suppressing or distorting the actual truth. Society could start cohabitating for a means of sustainability and survival due to economic instability rather than developing intimate relations and starting a nuclear family. People uniting with one another and starting communes for greater good while building new foundations with innovation, creating new small sustainable communities and gardens in the physical realm. Something to do with dirigibles, heavy metals and submarines comes into mind also. Protect the seeds.

Neptune will enter Aries in March 2025.

I see this as some type of new leadership, perhaps as the merging of the new thought forms being established now coming into the forefront. The energy is new and the merging with the old will soon do their dance. Peace and love will meet resistance but will prevail. It will be a time of the merging of the positive and negative energies throughout the world through experimentation and innovation. Could this be a transit where we become carbon free? Maybe some big changes from the people in regards to fracking, oil and gas by implementing new, innovative creative ideas into action here on our Earth. Lillith in Virgo will be getting very busy in the environmental arena, striving to protect our waters and environment for our children of the future. A beautiful loaded stellium of planets to initiate and keep the peace for the collective trying to implement new beginnings. Protect the water.

Pluto will begin to enter Aquarius in January 2024.

This could be a time of unpredictability and finding unique ways to adapt to the new age unfolding. Lots of creating in the new. Producing innovative ways of survival among the chaos created previously through words and wires as our souls reaching to one another through the power of the physical as wires become erratic. Society will become closer despite our differences. Those who are aware, and there will be many will be able to understand another's view better based upon what it is they themselves had to endure through all of the rapid changes taking place. Ways of living as we know it now will have changed very rapidly and probably the structure of consciousness also. Diversity could be the theme. Through all of the creation of man made waste over the years, the osmosis between living organisms and man made waste materials could now be in a merging, metamorphic state. Gaining adaptability to the newly formed matter and trying to figure out how to utilize these elements into our daily living could be one of the projects in the forefront. Protect the soul.

Saturn will be approaching its next conjunction with Neptune in Aries 2025 but the exact conjunction will not be until February of 2026.

We can all be feeling new beginnings, love and sharing, the collective on the rise. The changing of the guards. Restoration of the planet in vast numbers. God/Goddess and the help from the indigenous people of our lands. Protect the new and upcoming keepers.


"As the winds whirl and spirals spray

watch the world throughout the day

for every history from behind

repeats the same from time to time."