I had my first experience with astrology at the age of twelve. My friend’s mother, a Sagittarian astrologer drew up my chart. She proceeded to explain she could only continue to tell me what was appropriate for a twelve year old to know. She was teaching classes in her home and invited me to sit in and I retained what my capacity was for that time period in my life and have been exploring this field ever since. I have studied both piano and violin since the age of seven and I have what is known in music as "perfect-pitch" . I am a poet, philosopher and have begun practicing in the field of Astrology, Crystals and Metaphysics, now formally continuing my astrological studies. Throughout life I have learned from loving friends, students I have taught music to through the years and their parents, and through those that may have chosen to be my enemy. Living through light and dark, I am always learning. I live with my husband and our border collie in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, striving toward a peaceful, sustainable and mindful life through daily living.