Moon Phases


The Moon and it's phases can be taken into consideration when looking at your chart. You were born during a particular phase of the Moon. If you look at the picture above starting with the Moon on the left, this is the Moon in it's New Phase, followed by the Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full, Waning Gibbous (also known as Disseminating), Last Quarter, Waning Crescent (also known as Balsamic). The Moon obtains it's illumination from the Sun as it travels around our planet in a period of about 29 days or so. Each of these phases has inherited characteristics. This energy can bring clues as to how it can manifest in you.

During particular Moon phases, it can be a good time to create intentions. In Astrology, the Moon can be associated with your inner reality, your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. The Moon phases can also put you in tune with nature and the feminine.

Although this is a brief explanation of the Moon there can also be an abundance of magic brought into your space by studying it's phases in correlation with the Astrological sign the Moon resides in on a particular day. You can give yourself more of a base to apply intuitive energy into your daily living by becoming familiar with the phases and the energy they contain.

Planets in a birth chart also find themselves in particular phases to each other in your Astrology chart whether in the natal or by transit, thus promoting or temporarily blocking personal growth during traveling on your own personal life path.

Ah, the Moon is a blessing from dusk until dawn

Guiding the tattered and protecting what's torn.

In all of it's beauty as it waxes and wanes

through the circle of life and all that remains.