C rystals in their raw form vary in shape and size and contain some very powerful energies. Although there is not much lore on the correlation of crystals to astrology, there are some appropriate properties crystals carry to compliment or negate any energies your soul may wish to balance. The list of properties crystals hold and the types of crystals are vast. They are given to us through nature. The following examples are just a start to set you on an exploration into the world into crystals. Take a few, and leave many............. Crystals are recommended to be cleansed in water before using. It is recommended to give them energy from the Sun or the light of a full moon. Clear Quartz is known as an energy enhancer when placed among other crystals. Keep crystals near you and where you can see them to absorb their energies. Using crystals in combination with Astrology, colors and essences, you can obtain a nice blend by combining different elements coming from Nature. For a scientific and esoteric explanation of crystals you can look to The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall for a more in depth study.The properties of crystals I have selected here in my chart were obtained from her book and I have combined a small few in correlation to the archetypical energies contained within the Zodiac.

A beginning crystal meditation:

"Upon this stone I meditate

please guide my soul to elevate

to guide me into clarity

at one with all for unity."


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